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Assalamu Alaikum,

                                       Welcome to Dr Umar Azam's Yola Website which has been established in May 2009.

The following are the URLS of my existing Sites at present:





1.          www.dr-umar-azam.com



        2.      www.dr-umar-azam.co.uk



        3.      www.freewebs.com/drumarazam



4.           www.freewebs.com/umarazam



        5.       http://drumar-azam.weebly.com



        6.       http://dr-umar-azam.weebly.com



        7.       http://doctorumarazam.weebly.com



        8.       http://dr-umarazam.weebly.com



        9.       http://umarazamphd.weebly.com



10.          http://dr-azam.weebly.com  


11.          http://druazam.weebly.com



       12.      http://umarazam.weebly.com




       13.   http://www.dr-umar-azam.yolasite.com



       14.        http://doctorumarazam.webs.com

         15.       http://drumarazam-statistics.weebly.com 




               To see even more links of my work and its use by other websites, key in the term: "Dr Umar Azam"  in the leading Search Engines.



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